Bonkers Leeds-based producer Sarantis has a new EP on the way on Chrissy Murderbot’s Loose Squares label.

Murderbot’s musical vision is antic and scattershot, and Sarantis follows suit. The youngster combines the antsiness of footwork with a range of dancehall signifiers. It’s a beguiling blend – too busy to skank too, often too languid to pull out the erks for.

The new EP is titled Cell33, and features five new cuts, plus a remix and bonus instrumental. Dancehall vocalist Parly B also features on lead track ‘The Problem’. Highlights include the title track and skittering ground assault ‘Str8up’. All in all, it’s an invigorating romp. FACT has an early stream of the EP below.

Cell33 is out on April 30 as a digi-download, courtesy of Loose Squares.

1. The Problem
2. Str8up
3. Acid Daze
4. Cell33
5. Medieval
6. The Problem (Remix)
7. The Problem (Instrumental)



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