Announcement comes on tenth anniversary of Lopes’ death

While everyone is catching hologram fever in the wake of the Coachella performance by a spectral Tupac Shakur, with proposals to bring back a holographic Michael Jackson and others, TLC members Tionne Watkins and Rozonda Thomas are turning to simpler technology to capture the essence of their deceased bandmate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes for audiences on their 20th anniversary reunion tour. They today announced that they plan to project Lopes’ image on a screen behind the surviving members during performance, while incorporating her vocals into their songs. TLC have done this before, at their last concert before retiring the act, in June 2003.

The announcement comes ten years to the day of Lopes’ death, due to an automobile accident in Honduras. The group have currently booked five cities for the upcoming tour, with more in the works.

[via Pitchfork]



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