Producer/rapper Jeremiah Jae hails from L.A. via Chicago via Alpha Centauri.

Jae’s earliest releases are two steps removed from hip-hop proper: his 2010 LP DXNCE was a visionary set of blunted, grotty soundscapes. By contrast, 2011’s Rappayamatantra EP borrowed from classic head-nod, and featured verse after garbled verse from the producer. There are shades of Quasimoto in his sound (not to mention brother-in-initials Jneiro Jarel) but his blasted production style is thrillingly singular.

Longtime supporters Brainfeeder are now gearing up to launch a new Jae LP, titled Raw Money Raps. The 19-track album promises to be an “art-rap fever dream”, and features a guest spot from Chi-town beatmaker K Embry. Label boss Flying Lotus had a few gilded words to say about the upcoming release: “I think it’s safe to say Jeremiah Jae is one of my favorite artists of his generation. For years now I’ve been a witness to the incredible progression of his craft. This album has a complex dedication and honesty that I search for in myself with my own art”.

Raw Money Raps is due on July 23.

1. Man (Revolution Pt. 1)
2. Guns Go Off
3. Greetings ft. Tre
4. Rover
5. Leaders
6. Ignorant Mask ft. K Embry
7. Cat Fight
8. Tourist
9. Money and Food
10. Wires
11. Seasons
12. False Eyes
13. One Herb
14. The Great Escape
15. Raw Money (Passage)
16. Money
17. Guerrilla (Evolution Pt. 1)
18. Hercules Versus the Commune
19. Cable



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