"I'm not comfortable with convenience replacing artistry": Watch an unmissable interview with Theo Parrish

The latest Slices DVD features an essential interview with Theo Parrish.

A true legend of house music and a revered DJ – not just for his fearless selection and the vibes he brings to a club night, but for his dedication to using vinyl, often bringing four bags of records to a gig as well as his own mixer – Parrish is famously outspoken, and on this feature he talks in detail about the myths of Detroit and machines, why he can’t respect someone who uses a laptop for convenience’s sake, and what it means to really go record shopping.

Frankly, for fans of not just house and techno music but music in general, it’s an unmissable watch. You can stream it below, and read FACT’s feature on The Essential… Theo Parrish here.



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