On Saturday July 7, We Fear Silence will toast two of the most formidable labels in grime/garage/wotchucallit: Butterz and Hardrive

Elijah & Skilliam’s Butterz imprint will team up with Terror Danjah’s modest Hardrive crew for a night of aggie thrills at London’s Cable. Mercurial ex-Roll Deep MC Trim will be bringing some freewheeling menace to proceedings. As this year’s excellent Bandoolou demonstrated, Trim’s both a commanding vocal presence and a fabulous creator, able to call on stellar beats from the likes of Harmonic 313 and Rudekid. Few Roll Deep members have quite as much fun with language as Trim, and it should make for a compelling show. Old hands Newham Generals, currently nestling under Dizzee’s wing, will also be keeping things riotous, as will Logan Sama‘s UK garage set.

Further additions include Champion, Swindle, Notion and Mr Mitch. And, of course, those label figureheads will be stopping by: Terror Danjah will be teaming up with Riko, and Elijah & Skilliam will continue to scour out curious new quarters of grime music.

The night runs from 10.00pm until 6.00am. Tickets and further information are available from the Cable website.



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