On June 13, dollop are bring Pasadena’s boogie overlord to London.

Dam-Funk will be booting up his magnificent live show. Damon G. Riddick has done more than anyone else to repopularise the classic West Coast boogie funk sound. His mammoth 2009 set Toeachizown played like a compilation of lost electro standards, and his excellent retrospective Adolescent Funk offered up some seriously slinky jams. His live set is by turns riotous and syrup-smooth, and there’s a really infectiousness to everything Riddick does. And yes: there will be keytars.

Support comes from Kwes, one of Warp’s most interesting recent signings. The bedroom producer makes music with a winningly lo-fi bent, cobbling together his own approximation of pop, R&B and electronica. More acts are set to be announced for the night.

Doors open at 8.00pm. Tickets and further information are available through the XOYO website.



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