Canadian rockers Metric have collaborated with award-winning Hollywood composer Howard Shore on the score for David Cronenberg’s new film, Cosmopolis.

The film, an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s terse novel of the same name, follows a young billionaire businessman (played by Robert Pattinson, pictured above) as he travels through New York in a limo in search of a, er, haircut.

Shore has scored virtually all of Cronenberg’s films to date, and though his bread and butter is conventional orchestral themes (he won an Oscar for his work on Lord of The Rings), he’s not afraid of experimentation – he collaborated with free jazz godhead Ornette Coleman on The Naked Lunch, and his electronic score for Videodrome was nothing short of a masterpiece.

For Cosmopolis, the composer re-united with Metric, having previously collaborated with them on the soundtrack for 2010’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. According to a press release, “Shore conceived of a particular live sound to achieve his vision and invited Metric to perform the score and co-write three songs […] The result is an atmospheric, urban soundscape of analog synths and layered guitars featuring the hypnotic vocals of Metric lead singer Emily Haines.”

The music was recorded in November 2011 at Metric’s own Giant Studios in Toronto, produced by Howard Shore and Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw, and mixed by John O’Mahony at Liberty Studios in Toronto and Electric Lady Studios in NYC. The Cosmopolis soundtrack also features a track called ‘Mecca’, performed by Somali singer/rapper K’naan with lyrics co-written by Don DeLillo. It’s due to be released on June 4.






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