Johnny Jewel’s early work as Twenty Six unearthed

By , Jun 19 2012

Bobby J Records has been defunct for 14 years, but now one of its key releases, Twenty Six’s This Skin Is Rust, has been made available once again.

The label was founded in 1996 by Todd W. Ledford, the mercurial fellow who would go onto establish Olde English Spelling Bee, launching the careers of James Ferraro, Ducktails, Julian Lynch, Autre Ne Veut et al in the process. Bobby J provided a shelter and outlet for a no less remarkable, or disparate, bunch of outsider artists, among them Wham-O, Low End Lars and Anne Heller.

Twenty Six was the chosen alias of the man we now know best as Johnny Jewel (lynchpin of Italians Do It Better’s Chromatics, Glass Candy and Desire), and his album, This Skin Is Rust, is a 2xLP set of dark ambient, DIY concréte, Slint-ish post-rock and damaged psych made when he was still a resident of Humble, Texas. for the most part, withstood the test of time remarkably well. Ledford has unearthed a cache of original pressings of the record; listen to ‘Unbound’ above and order a copy here.

Ledford hints that there are more Bobby J warehouse finds on the horizon – we await ’em with bated breath.

1. One Exit
2. Unbound
3. The Coldest Day
4. Humus
5. Twin Exits
6. This Skin Is Rust
5. Astorone
7. Circles Within Circles
8. Metal Rings
9.Wheels Within Wheels
10. To Walk Forward And Not Look Back

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