RVNG Intl. announce Sensations’ Fix reissue

By , Jun 26 2012

Pioneering home recording unit Sensations’ Fix are getting the reissue treatment, courtesy of RVNG Intl.

Sensations’ Fix centres around Italian native Franco Falsini, who set up shop in Virginia at the tail-end of the 1960s. Using a floor model MiniMoog and an adapted TEAC four-track, Falsini cobbled together an innovative home recording set-up. 1974’s Fragments Of Light set the tone, a sensuous mixture of muted electronics and guitar jangle. Having moved back to Italy with an expanded line-up, Falsini released Portable Madness (1974), Cold Nose (Naso Fredo) (1975, under his own name),  Finest Finger (1976), Vision’s Fugitive (1977) and Boxes Paradise (1977). In the years since, Falsini worked with The Antennas and set up the Interactive Test dance label. Falsini’s work has subsequently been sampled by DJ Shadow on The Private Press, and compiled and curated by Sonic Youth.

RVNG Intl. are now set to release Music Is Painting In The Air, a set of fresh mixes and unreleased material from Sensations’ Fix’s 1974-77 period. The set was compiled by Falsini with the assistance of his son Jeyon, with whom he restored the original analogue tapes from the project. The collection is sequenced impressionistically rather than chronologically, and is mixed entirely by Falsini.

You can stream one of the tracks, ‘Dark Side Of Religion’, below.

01. Barnhause Effect
02. Cold Nose Part 3, 4th Movement
03. Leave My Chemistry
04. Acudreaming
05. Grow On You
06. Scraping Delay
07. Warped Notions Of A Practical Joke (Instrumental)
08. Dark Side of Religion
09. Cosmic Saudade
10. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 2
11. Fragments of Light
12. Into The Memory
13. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 5
14. C’e Nessuno
15. Map
16. Moving Particles
17. Cold Nose Part 3, Movement 3
18. Music Is Painting
19. Left Side Of Green
20. Chelsea Hotel (Room 625)
21. Fix A Water Fountain (Instrumental)
22. Overflowing Ashtrays
23. Strangelands
24. Cold Nose Story
25. Slow Motion Movie
26. Fortune Teller
27. Fortune Teller Coda
28. Crossing Berlin
29. Darkside 1 & 3
30. Darkside 2


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