Watch Katy B perform a new song based on Mosca’s ‘Bax’

Katy B has been performing a new song at her live shows, ‘What You Came For’. FACT readers probably recognize the instrumentation.

Last month, Katy B mentioned collaborating with Mosca on a new version of his 2011 hit ‘Bax.’ Last Sunday at Somerset House, she showed the fruits of that labor.

‘Bax,’ which we rated the second best track of 2011, is the perfect tableau for the UK dance chanteuse. The bouncy, bassline-meets-garage tune is a reminder of UK dance music past; Katy B is more than capable of turning it into a dance floor rallying cry: “if you ain’t moving / tell me what you came for.” According to Katy, it will be released as Mosca featuring Katy B, and “hopefully out soon”.



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