Those pesky Avalanches continue to tease their mooted new album with all manner of secretive stunts and low-level tomfoolery.

Back in Spring, the band upped a new mixtape (‘Sleepy Bedtime Mix For Young Ones’), although the set was credited to one “Henry Chinaski” and touted as something that “may or may not be a mixtape by ∆v∆L∆NCH∑≤”.

The secrecy continues with news that the band have sneakily upped a new song online. Another mixtape has emerged on the same enigmatic site as that previous upload: the set is credited to Cool Gaze, and is titled Cool Gays, both of which have ‘pseudonym’ scrawled all over them. The final piece on the tracklist? “A track that may or may not be The Avalanches”.

In reality, the closing “track” is actually a minute long snippet. The piece is a digitally tangled piece of guitar funk, spotted with snatches of old soul and guitar jangle – classic Avalanches, in short. The tape itself is a slinky affair, and well worth your time: Transvolta, Bell Towers and Kano all feature. Click here to listen/download.

Avalanches are rumoured to be releasing the long, long overdue follow-up to 2000’s delightful Since I Left You sooner rather than later. Danny Brown has put himself in the frame to feature, and there have been whispers about an Ariel Pink guest spot too. [via Pitchfork]



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