Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s collaborative album unveiled

By , Jul 23 2012

Full details of Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's album revealed

We’ve already heard Yoko Ono collaborate with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon on one single, and a full album is now on the way.

The six-track record, simply titled YOKOKIMTHURSTON, will be released on September 25 in the United States and September 24 in the UK. Sonic Youth and their individual members have a long history of collaborative records – with Boredoms’ Eye, Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow and more – but this marks a collaboration with a true legend of the New York avant-garde scene that spawned Sonic Youth, and so you have to imagine it’s a record of special significance to Moore and Gordon.

The future of Sonic Youth is, of course, still uncertain following Moore and Gordon’s divorce after 27 years of marriage.


1. I Missed You Listening
2. Running the Risk
3. I Never Told You, Did I?
4. Mirror Mirror
5. Let’s Get There
6. Early in the Morning

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