Israeli duo Juju and Jordash will release their third album, Techno Primitivism, in September [via Resident Advisor].

Jazz musicians Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski met in their native Israel, bonding over a mutual fascination with underground house and techno, and eventually moved to Amsterdam to pursue their nocturnal hobby in earnest.

Their subsequent productions – across two LPs and numerous EPs, many of them for Amsterdam label Dekmantel – are singular in their weirdness: recognisably house, but with a deranged streak. Sounds warp and degrade before your ears, and arrangements veer in odd directions or scatter in confusion, leading to a uniquely psychedelic dancefloor experience.

Techno Primitivism will be released through Dekmantel in September. As a 15-track triple 12” set, it’s the pair’s largest release to date. You can check out the tracklist and a trailer for the release below.


01. ‘Stoplight Loosejaw’
02. ‘Diatoms’
03. ‘Backwash’
04. ‘Rogue Wave’
05. ‘Shakshuka Dub’
06. ‘Slow Boat To Haifa’
07. ‘Powwow’
08. ‘Peligroso’
09. ‘Dr. Strangepork’
10. ‘Track David Would Play’
11. ‘Echomate’
12. ‘Techno Primitivism’
13. ‘Loosey Goosey’
14. ‘Shrublands’
15. ‘Way Of The Road’

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