Erstwhile The Weeknd-collaborator Zodiac previews his new EP.

Zodiac (aka Jeremy Rose) is the producer who accused The Weeknd of ripping him off for songs on House of Balloons. Whatever the case, Pitchfork reports that the two teams have resolved their issues. According to a rep:

“Fueled by a common vision they had about RnB and music in general, Jeremy and Abel worked closely for a short time about two years ago. Miscommunication between both artists is currently in the final stages of being worked out by their respective management teams.”

That sounds like compensation to us. Zodiac’s self-titled debut EP will be released on Jacques Greene’s Vase label, digitally on September 24 and physically on October 8. The tracklist is below, along with ‘Come,’ an airy track featuring vocalist Jesse Boykins III that shares an ambient style with songs by The Weeknd.

01 GirlGirlGirl
02 Come ft. Jesse Boykins III
03 So Soon
04 We Change
05 Loss Config.
06 138

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