Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea readies <i>Release</i>, a "double-EP" and his most substantial work yet

Pangaea, co-founder of the Hessle Audio label with Ben UFO and Pearson Sound (f.k.a. Ramadanman), will release an eight-track “double EP” on October 29.

Longer and more substantial than his self-titled six-tracker from 2010, Release clocks in at eight tracks – so compilations aside, it’s the longest thing that both Pangaea and Hessle have released. Speaking to FACT about the project, Pangaea explains that “I don’t really want to be one of ‘those guys’ but I wouldn’t call it an album…even though at one point I considered turning it into one.”

“I came through with the original idea of another double-vinyl release but extending it slightly to two tracks per side and putting it out on CD as well, so I’d call it a ‘double EP’ if I really had to name it. It’s the result of ideas that came around after my last single (‘Hex’ / ‘Fatalist’). Doing something longer than a 12” single enables me to put out things that I wouldn’t otherwise…I think this project does have a theme and cohesiveness but not to the extent where I’d be happy calling it an LP. “

“It’s not an attempt to do anything differently musically”, Pangaea insists, and fans of his past releases will find plenty of familiar ground: breakbeats, jungle and hip-hop samples, and that fever-stricken feel that often characterises Pangaea’s music. At times, Release sounds like it’s driving itself up the wall, inward-looking and paranoid in the same way that Source Direct, or even early Ariel Pink, is.

Watch out for the full interview with Pangaea this week on FACT, where he also talks more about Release (“The majority was made at home, but some parts were recorded at a studio in Haggerston. It was all mixed down there as well”) and his future plans (“I can see myself doing a live show in the future but not for the time being,  I’ll want to develop my sound and workflow some more first and then spend a good amount of time and effort on it.”)

You can stream ‘Coiled’, an early Pangaea single, below.

Release Tracklist:
01. Game
02. Release
03. Trouble
04. Majestic 12
05. Time Bomb
06. Middleman
07. Aware
08. High



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