Four Tet, Wire, Beak contribute to 40-track charity album

Audioscope raises money through music for the national homelessness charity Shelter.

On October 1, Audioscope will release its third album, entitled Music For A Good Home 2. Titans of leftfield, alternative music have donated new and exclusive material for the compilation, which was produced to mark the twelth anniversary of Audioscope’s fundraising festival.

The compilation features bands who have performed at the event or supported Audioscope since its inception in 2001. The album will be available for a minimum donation of £5 to Shelter via Music for a Good Home and Audioscope’s Bandcamp. The tracklist follows.

This year’s Audioscope festival takes place on November 10 at the Jericho and features Can legend Damo Suzuki, Message To Bears, Warm Digits, Listing Ships, Gunning For Tamar, Alright The Captain, Baltic Fleet, Dethscalator, Laura Moody from the Elysian Quartet, and more.

Music For A Good Home 2:
1. Four Tet – Audioscope (exclusive)
2. Wire – Moreover (live in Lausanne) (exclusive)
3. Listing Ships – American Steam Company (exclusive)
4. Boxcutter – Cheetah Dub (exclusive)
5. Felix – Circus (exclusive)
6. Warm Digits – Sleep Thieves (exclusive)
7. Fujiya & Miyagi – Coe’s Toes (exclusive)
8. Beak> – 0898 (unavailable elsewhere)
9. The Telescopes – Dead Already (exclusive)
10. Richard Walters – Something Once Beat (exclusive)
11. Deco Child – Southpaw (exclusive)
12. Karma To Burn – Jimmy D (Slight Reprise) (exclusive)
13. Ride – Moonlight Medicine (Portishead remix) (deleted – unavailable elsewhere)
14. Rome Pays Off – I Can’t Take You Home… (exclusive)
15. SJ Esau – Why Angry? (exclusive)
16. Action Beat – Toad (exclusive)
17. Coloureds – Ted Nelson (exclusive)
18. Mugstar – Bardo Head (exclusive)
19. Karhide – Rough Sleep (exclusive)
20. The Workhouse – Before I Go To Sleep (exclusive)
21. Gunning For Tamar – Astronaut/Abort (LukuS remix) (exclusive)
22. The Half Rabbits – Mayday (exclusive)
23. Laura Moody – Oh Mother
24. Kogumaza – Sevens (deleted – unavailable elsewhere)
25. Flights of Helios – Dynah & Donalogue (Message To Bears remix) (exclusive)
26. Phil McMinn – The General (exclusive)
27. Dethscalator – Aids Atlas (exclusive)
28. Kill Murray – Pheromones (exclusive)
29. Ice, Sea, Dead People – Styes In My Eyes (live at Lost Toys) (exclusive)
30. The Rock of Travolta – Loose Lips Sink Ships (exclusive)
31. Caretaker – Yeehah (exclusive)
32. Alright The Captain – Honey Badger (Karhide Sleepless Nights remix) (exclusive)
33. The Cellar Family – Someone New (exclusive)
34. Magnetophone – All She Could Find (exclusive)
35. Spectrum – Feels Like I’m Slipping Away (remastered) (exclusive)
36. Talons – St Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All
37. Ute – Dissolve (exclusive)
38. Message To Bears – Opus 1 (exclusive)
39. Sennen – Fucrates (exclusive)
40. The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club – I Want You Dead



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