Three DJs remake Beastie Boy's <em>Paul's Boutique</em> from original samples

This is impressive: a reconstruction of Paul’s Boutique, the pinnacle of hip-hop sampling, from scratch.

For three years, DJs Food, Cheeba, and Moneyshot have laboriously assembled a version of the Beastie Boys classic from the original samples, in addition to a cappellas, period interviews, and the band’s audio commentary from the album’s reissue.

The Dust Brother’s micro-sampling production work on Paul’s Boutique is a landmark in hip-hop history, and despite recent lawsuits, nearly all the samples were cleared (a feat in itself).

Mixing Caught In The Middle of A 3-Way Mix was a staggering undertaking, as the 150-song tracklist can attest. Halfway completed at the time of Adam Yauch’s untimely death, the three DJs dedicated the mix to the man known as MCA.

The vivid cover art was provided by Tank Girl illustrator Jim Mahfood. Stream the hour-long mix below, courtesy Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio Show. [via Spin]



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