Full details of Russell Haswell's new album, <i>5″ Vinyl Series</i>

Full details of Russell Haswell’s forthcoming album for Downwards have been revealed.

A former collaborator with Aphex Twin, Florian Hecker and more, 5″ Vinyl Series LP won’t be the only album that the Coventry experimentalist will release this year – as previously reported, he’ll be tackling black metal, rave and more on October 15 titled FACTUAL (that record is due to be released by Editions Mego). If you’re wondering about the 5″ Vinyl Series title, it’s because Haswell had originally recorded the 10 tracks (“punishing noise”, the description given) in 2011, with the intention of releasing them across a series of 5″ records. As it was, sense prevailed, and the set will now be released on a single vinyl LP [via Juno].

Downwards – the label run by former Sandwell District member Regis – will release 5″ Vinyl Series in the coming months.


A1. Chua Rave
A2. T.I.A.T.W.A.S.W.S
A3. Tribute To Sacher-Pelz
A4. Chua Acid
A5. Doom Metal Rave Drone
B1. Harshing
B2. No!se Resource
B3. Mercury (Crop)
B4. Chua No!se
B5. Bonus (Bonus) Beats



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