Reso, aka Alex Melia, has long operated at the intersection of drum’n’bass and dubstep.

Probably still best known for his quiet-loud-quiet 2006 classic ‘Metal Slug’, Melia has been turning out releases for the likes of Urban Graffiti and Civil Music for the best part of five years. His productions occasionally flirt with the dreaded wobble, but his way with a cannily deployed breakbeat and ear for texture distinguishes him from the wompetition.

As Resident Advisor report, Melia is now primed to release Tangram, a new full-length for Civil Music. The album promises to go heavy on the synths and, perhaps inspired by Rustie’s exercises in prog-lunacy, apparently closes on a noodly synth guitar solo. Rephlex Records and classic Manga are cited as influences, which sounds like a promising blend.

The album will be pre-empted by a new EP, Check 1, 2, due on October 15. XLR8R point towards an unreleased track from the album sessions, ‘Aegis’, which is also available to download and stream below. Tangram will arrive on November 5.

1. Exoframe
2. Creature
3. Axion
4. Coronium
5. Simple Pleasures
6. Virtua Rhythm
7. Interlude
8. Nempo
9. Backwards Glance
10. Half Life
11. Ishimura
12. Check 1,2
13. Tabris



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