Pye Corner Audio will release a new album, Sleep Games, on October 19.

Real name Martin Jenkins, PCA has impressed with his trio of Black Mill Tapes digital albums; the first two instalments were collected for a vinyl release on Type earlier this year. He deals primarily in an eerie, eldritch strain of electronic music that aligns him firmly with such seasoned hauntologists as Mordant Music, Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle, but there’s also a tough rhythmic edge to Jenkins’ material that triggers associations with cold wave synth-pop, early 80s horror soundtracks and even squelchy, Legowelt-style Chicago house pastiche.

Sleep Games is being released by Ghost Box, following Pye Corner Audio’s contribution to the label’s 7″ single Study Series last year. Sleeve design (pictured above) comes, as ever, from Julian House, and the record will be available on vinyl, CD and download. Check out a clip of the title track via the Soundcloud player below, and find the full tracklist under that.


1. Sleep Games
2. The Black Mill Video Tape
3. Print Through
4. Deep End
5. Into The Maze
6. Experimental Road Surface
7. Yesterday’s Entertainment
8. The Mirror Ball Cracked
9. Palais Spectres
10. Remanence
11. A Door In The Dry Ice
12. A Non-Place
13. Underneath The Dancefloor
14. Nostalgia Pills
15. Chlorine
16. Nature Reclaims The Town



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