Former Yellow Swan Pete Swanson readies new pair of EPs: the artwork is sublime

Pete Swanson, unfortunately not one of the two chaps pictured above, is a former member of noise favourites Yellow Swans whose 2011 album Man with Potential was among the year’s best. 

On October 8, Swanson will follow Man with Potential – a record that took the crushing noise of his former band and crunched it into a loose 4×4 format, with much more pressure and thrill to the results than most of 2011’s techno/noise equations – with the first in a series of two EPs for Type (sometime home of City Center, Peter Broderick and more) titled Pro Style. 

As well as ‘Pro Style’ and ‘Pro Style (VIP)’, the EP features a track tilted ‘Do You Like Students?’. Which, we like to think, links into the above album art in some weird way. You can listen to the title track from Man with Potential below.



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