Following on from Jacques Greene’s admirably punchy ‘Ready’ 12″ and Jon Convex’s ‘Lied To Be Loved’, Martyn’s cannily curated 3024 imprint has a new release on the way from Trevino. 

Like Martyn, Trevino is a rehabilitated drum’n’bass head: anyone with a passing interest in the sound will have encountered his work as Marcus Intalex over the last two decades. The slim Trevino canon includes releases for Apple Pips and Revolve:r, and, although it tilts from funky (the Discovery EP) to spartan (‘Indulge’), invariably tends towards precise techno with analogue flourishes.

The Tactical Manoeuvre EP is set to drop next month, and is touted to show the breadth of Trevino’s interests and talents, darting through “Marcus’ different sides and styles”. The release is something of a homecoming: the Trevino alias was debuted on a split 12″ on 3024 last year.

Tactical Manoeuvre will drop on November 12 on 12″ and digital.



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