The Prodigy sponsor U13's football team

The Prodigy – currently readying “heavier” new album How To Steal A Jet Fighter for release in 2013 – have put some their (presumably endless) lucre towards helping a pint-sized Hampshire football team. 

The Eastleigh Reds Under-13s have been sponsored by the band, with their home shirts for the current season bolstered by the rave godfathers’ name and logo. According to team coach Chris Chapman, the deal came about when Prodigy mastermind Liam Howlett learned that the team trained to Invaders Must Die single ‘Warrior’s Dance’. As Chapman says “I’m blown away that Liam was up for it. The team were stoked and immediately started asking if The Prodigy could come to see them!”.

In Chapman’s words, the deal is “a good match though because the lads are a bunch of football prodigies!”. Yes, he went there. [via NME]



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