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DJ Spinn, part of Chicago’s Teklife crew with DJ Rashad and general touchstone for the city’s juke and footwork scene, will release a new album at the end of this month.

Titled Teklife Vol. 2: What You Need, it marks the follow-up to DJ Rashad’s Teklife Vol. 2: Welcome to the Chi, and is the second album to be released on Lit City, the label that Spinn and Rashad run with J-Cush. The press release for the record emphasises the soulfulness of Spinn’s sound, and for us, that’s what’s always set him apart: whereas Rashad’s tracks, despite the samples of soulful acts like Bobby Womack and Gil Scott-Heron, are driven by a whiplash of cracking snares, Spinn’s tracks often sport a warmer feel.

Lit City will release What You Need on October 23. You can stream a snippet of opening track ‘She Turnt Up’, with DJ Rashad, here:

1. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – She Turnt Up
2. DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – Horn Chemist
3. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Let Me Baby
4. DJ Spinn – Dey Comin
5. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Do My Dance
6. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Dance Floor Packed
7. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Mercy
8. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Over There (Gettin’ It)
9. DJ Spinn – 4 A $5 Bag
10. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – What You Need

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