Hear Bat for Lashes cover Rihanna's 'We Found Love'

BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge sessions can go either way.

Sometimes, it’s a home for completely unexpected treats (Lily Allen’s cover of The Kooks’ ‘Naive’, for instance), but in the past it’s been hard to shake that smug “polishing a turd” feel you get when dullards like Elbow “improve” on chart pop songs by people like Rihanna.

Bat for Lashes, of course, is far from a dullard, so it piqued our interest when we heard that the Haunted Man starlet had covered Rihanna’s undeniable ‘We Found Love’ on a recent session. Lashes’ cover doesn’t come close to the whirlwind romance of Rihanna’s original, but then it doesn’t try to: it’s a moody, slow cover that instrumentally, reminds us a little of Mogwai.

UK users can check the session here; US users will have to wait for the inevitable YouTube rip. Update: here you go:



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