Bristol’s Young Echo collective have made a habit of exploring the fringes of bass-orientated music.

Vessel is the clique’s best-known member, but there’s a wide range of talent on display: warped 2-stepper Kahn, crawling house producer El Kid and the brittle Zhou are all paid-up members of the fold.

Jabu – the shared moniker of Amos Childs (also one half of Zhou) and singer Alex Rendall – have probably had the lowest profile of the bunch. Although yet to notch up anything other than the odd arcane cassette release, the pair have tantalised with some hypnotic ambient snippets on their Soundcloud. Recent track ‘Limbs’ was practically custom-made for disillusioned Darkstar fans, and served as a perfect showcase for the pair’s all-enveloping sound.

Next month, the pair will make their grand entrance with a self-titled EP on Astro:Dynamics. Jabu is an atmospheric set, tripping from ambient segues through to melancholic electronica. Centrepiece ‘Still’ also features a welcome appearance from Kahn, and much of the LP brings to mind Odd Nosdam’s phenomenal 2008 LP Level Live Wires to mind. Peep the video for ‘Limbs’ at the bottom of the post.

In other Young Echo news, resident jam project Killing Sound have unveiled a ponderous new track. Killing Sound is a rotating improvisational project which numbers Jabu, Vessel and El Kid among its ranks. Arriving off the back of super-limited cassette release ‘Real Love’ for No Corners (which, incidentally, came with a live Jabu track on the flip), ‘Thousand Heads’ is a substantially darker composition, cut from the same jet-black cloth as Demdike Stare’s spookier material. The track, set for a 10″ release early next year, is also available to stream below.



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