Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar announce <em>We Love Detroit</em> compilation

Two innovators chart the development of Detroit techno.

Out on December 3, We Love Detroit includes a disc each from Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar. Predictably, May focuses on early innovators (John Beltran, Carl Craig) while Edgar opts for his contemporaries (Kyle Hall, Lando Kai).

The double album documents Detroit techno from conception, through its global development, and back to where it all started, with a new generation of Detroit purveyors. The tracklist is below.

Interestingly, a young Edgar had played parties alongside key figures like Juan Atkins and Derrick May, without realizing how pivotal his show mates were in creating the Detroit sound.

We Love Detroit:

CD1 – Derrick May
1. John Beltran – Synaptic Transmission
2. Yotam Avni – Pentimento
3. Petar Dundov – Distant Shores
4. KiNK – Hand Made (Dub mix)
5. Kai Alce – Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush’s Sax Dub)
6. Deep’A & Biri – Hova
7. Carl Craig – Sandstorms
8. Federico Grazzini – Nova
9. Benny Rodrigues – It’s A Spiritual Thing
10. Andres – New For U

CD 2 – Jimmy Edgar
1.Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be
2.Lando Kai – Clockin’
3.Jimmy Edgar – Semierotic
4.Magda – Late Night Woodward
5.Kyle Hall & Kero- Zug Island
6.Coyote Clean Up – Mount Babe Bricks
7.Noel Jackson – That You Love Me
8.Darling Farah – Body
9.Magic Touch feat. N Dawson – Niks Groove
10.Kris Wadsworth – Connection
11.Axiom Crux – When Summer Doesn’t Come



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