Squarepusher announces new live EP, KCRW Session

Warp Records have announced a new live EP from Squarepusher.

Titled simply KCRW Session, the five-track EP collects music from a live session for California radio station KCRW. All five tracks are reworked versions of material from the electronic veteran’s most recent album, Ufabulum. 

The EP is available digitally now, via Bleep. You can stream one of its tracks, ‘303 Scopem Hard’, below. Alternatively, you can read our recent interview with Squarepusher here.

01. 4001 (KCRW Session)
02. Unreal Square (KCRW Session)
03. Drax 2 (KCRW Session)
04. Dark Steering (KCRW Session)
05. 303 Scopem Hard (KCRW Session)

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