Online dance emporium Bleep has launched a curious project operating at the intersection between techno music and the visual arts.

The Green Series is a collaborative exercise between the website, graphic designers GiveUpArt, and photographer Shaun Bloodworth. Over the coming months, Bleep will distribute a string of limited edition vinyl releases from a host of sought-after techno producers, all the requisite stylish marketing/packaging you’d expect from paid-up design bods.

The first disc will feature an exclusive A side from Karenn, and a new track from The Analogue Cops on the flip. Karenn, aka the productive union of Blawan and Pariah, contribute the pummelling  acid techno cut ‘Studio 3’. The Analogue Cops – who, of course, have teamed up numerous times with Blawan on a string of EPs for Vae Victis – offer up the comparatively mild ‘OCPLX1’, which sees woozy synth washes roll over knuckly techno skeleton.

The limited edition 12″ will only be available from Bleep or from independent record stores, and will arrive in November.



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