Ableton shares more details about Live 9 and unveils new Push controller

Ableton expands upon this week’s teaser video and teams up with Akai.

According to Resident Advisor, Ableton has revamped automation, EQ, compressor, and gate functions, and MIDI processing, in addition to the previously-previewed bus compresser called ‘The Glue.’

The Suite version of Live 9 includes Max for Live, a version of Cycling 74’s graphical programming language Max, which allows users to “make their own devices and use a handful of stock Max-driven devices like convolution reverb.” It also contains updated instrument racks, including new breaks, orchestral instruments, and retro synths.

In addition, Ableton will release Push, their latest collaboration with Akai, which will only work with Live 9. Beyond the abilities of the APC40 controller, Push is billed as an instrument for crafting songs on the go. It features 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads that, along with rotary knobs, a display and function keys, provides a bit of mouse-free control over the music.

Preview the Push in the below video. Pricing and release information for both Live 9 and Push are still unannounced.



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