Jeff Mills will toast 20 years of Axis Records with a new compilation and book, Sequence. 

Founded by Mills in 1992, Axis has mostly served as a home for the astronomically fixated Detroit DJ and producer’s own work, charting his moves from Detroit to New York, Chicago and Berlin. This month, it celebrates twenty years in operation with a limited edition 320-page hardback book, featuring Axis art, photos and design works, bundled with a USB card containing 30 tracks Mills has selected to represent the label’s history.

A press release describes Sequence thus: “What started out as a dance music label evolved into a international force of creativity that is unquestionably responsible for the shape, color and textures of the Dance Music we know today and probably tomorrow. Formed in 1992 by the acclaimed Techno DJ producer and artist Jeff Mills, Axis remains one of the few independent labels that consistently pushes the boundaries of Electronic Music off the dance floors and into the Cosmos. Axis is the science of body and soul. After 20 years of feverous activity, an archive of work and projects are assembled in this comprehensive collection of art, photographs and designs that certify the influence of vision, concept and production that many producers and DJs refer to then and now.”

For those unable to get their hands on one of the books, there will also be a double-CD version available. Sequence was originally announced in May, with a September release date that never came, but a press release sent out today confirms that the package will hit stores at the end of this month.

USB card
01. The Art of Barrier Breaking
02. G-Star
03. Gamma Player
04. Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)
05. Gata
06. Unfastened and Floating
07. Le Mere C’est Un Caractere
08. Flying Machines
09. The Industry of Dreams
10. The New Arrivals
11. Perfecture
12. The Loss of Power
13. Condor to Mallorca
14. Time Slip (unreleased version)
15. Utopia
16. A Universal Voice That Speaks to All That Will Listen
17. Expanded (A1)
18. Microbe
19. Tracer 1
20. Spiral Galaxy
21. Life Cycle
22. The Bells
23. Star Chronicles: Orion Belt 3
24. Real Life
25. Automatic
26. The Dancer
27. Changes of Life
28. See This Way
29. At Sunset
30. Spider Formation

01. The Art of Barrier Breaking
02. G-Star
03. Gamma Player
04. Gata
05. Le Mere C’est Un Caractere
06. Flying Machines
07. The Industry of Dreams
08. The New Arrivals
09. Perfecture
10. Condor to Mallorca
11. Time Slip (unreleased version)
12. Utopia

01. A Universal Voice That Speaks to All That Will Listen
02. Expanded (A1)
03. Microbe
04. Life Cycle
05. The Bells
06. Real Life
07. Automatic
08. The Dancer
09. Step to Enchantment (Stringent)
10. Changes of Life
11. See This Way
12. Spider Formation



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