Dreams And Nightmares, the debut album from Philly street rapper Meek Mill, is full of tales of law-dodging – so it’s perhaps appropriate that the album’s release party was hampered by the feds.

On Wednesday evening, Mill was pulled over and detained by police in Philadelphia. Meek was held and photographed in the station before being released without charge. He subsequently took to Twitter, writing: “cops cost me a lot of money tonight …..taking pics of me like I’ma fuckin joke….no charges just holding…Nigga I ain’t get knocked they was just tryna hold me back! Just scooped my nigga #brick Feds gave him 10yea…I ain’t get locked up…definitely not in NYC with no gun! Cops just harassed and violated me last night in Philly just for being famous!” He eventually made it to the ball on time.

A police spokesperson said “He was stopped in a vehicle but was not arrested. He was only detained in a substation. In normal cases, we do not give out this kind of information, so I can’t release anything further.”

The Dreams And Nightmares cover features a handcuff yoked to a Rolex watch; as Meek rather brilliantly observed: “The crazy part about is I really had a handcuff and Rolex on my wrist yesterday…. Really #DreamsAndNightmares”. Dreams And Nightmares dropped earlier this week, and features appearances by Nas, Drake, Mary J. Blige and MMG head honcho Rick Ross. [via Complex]



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