Ariel Pink’s 1998 musique concrète project <em>Trash and Burn</em> remastered; stream it now

Berlin’s HEMArchiv remasters and re-releases one of Ariel Pink’s pre-Haunted Graffiti projects.

Recorded in 1998 and originally distributed by HEM in 2006, the experimental project was released under Pink’s real name, Ariel Rosenberg. According to Dummy, the 36-track, 90-minute project is an experiment with “faux-primitive tape loops” that is “way more unpolished than even his most unpolished work.”

HEM has remastered the original tapes and will release Trash and Burn as a limited edition, 250 copy, 4-cassette boxset. Stream the collection on HEM’s Soundcloud or purchase it at their website. The cover art and a protracted statement from Ariel Pink about the project are below.

“As with stored memories one has acquired early in life, Thrash and Burn survives for me less as a finished piece of music in/itself or even a moment captured in time; more a catalog of lifetimes, each piece unique and unnamed, together they recall glimpses of forgotten future-pasts; in cosmology, as one peers ever deeper into the void, first beyond the fixed population density of stars nestled in a ‘suburb’ at the outer edge of our galaxy, into an evermore all encompassing blackness surrounding a thin lane of galaxies, one heads off in one direction, floating along a lonely string of Christmas lights which recede with the distance. Much further downstream, a giant wall of light scaffolding fades into view. That is destiny’s orphan multiverse inhabiting a single frame in its infancy. In time, we would transcend it. From where we stand our footsteps recede and fade into the darkness. But our beginnings are not lost; for someone standing off and above our horizon, in a human ear much more young, the secret of our coming of age shall be preserved revealed and discovered yet once again….”



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