Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat announces new album as L. Pierre: stream 'Doctor Alucard' inside

Aidan Moffat, founding member of the sadly-deceased Arab Strap, has announced a new album as L. Pierre.

Titled The Island Come True, it’s Moffat’s fourth full-length as L. Pierre – formerly Lucky Pierre, both the name of a 1961 film and slang for the filling in a (usually homosexual) threesome – and the project’s first since 2007’s Dip. Generally speaking, L. Pierre finds Moffat – best known, of course, for his lyrics and vocals both in Arab Strap and solo – indulging in quiet electronica, and a press release describes The Island Comes True as “overridden by the hissing of tape tracks and drones”.

“There’s something beautiful in hearing the grit and hiss of old recordings”, says Moffat about the album. “Everything sounds so clean and clinical and perfect today, but I love hearing something that sounds worn and suggests the music has a history. It’s gorgeous and sad at once, as though it’s lived a life and survived to tell the tale.” Sadness is a word that could readily be used to describe big sections of Island Come True, a fine line trodden between soothing warmth and bleaker depths throughout.”

The Island Come True will be released on January 14 through Melodic. You can stream a track from it, ‘Doctor Alucard’, below, and pre-order the album here. Arab Strap’s Philophobia recently featured on FACT’s countdown of the Top 100 Albums of the 1990s, which can be read here.

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