Twisted New Yorker Autre ne Veut signs to Software for new album <i>Anxiety</i>: stream a track 'Counting' inside

He may not receive the same level of attention as peers like Hype Williams and Laurel Halo, but for FACT, Autre ne Veut is one of the most brilliantly twisted musicians working today.

The Brooklyn act debuted in 2010, with a spectacular album on the not-quite-dormant-but-hardly-active-these-days label Olde English Spelling Bee. He then made the shift to Hippos in Tanks for the release of last year’s Body EP, released on skin-coloured vinyl (Google the cover art, and you’ll understand), and in February 12 will debut on another new label, Ford and Lopatin’s Software, for the release of Anxiety [via Pitchfork].

Stream Anxiety‘s first single, ‘Counting’, here:

01. Play by Play
02. Counting
03. Promises
04. Ego Free Sex Free
05. A Lie
06. Warning
07. Gonna Die
08. Don’t Ever Look Back
09. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
10. World War



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