Creation's Alan McGee talks potential acts and unconventional HQ for new record label

Former Creation Records (My Bloody Valentine, Oasis) boss Alan McGee has revealed more information about his much-speculated return to label management

McGee told Dangerous Minds [via Music Week] that the label will be “based in an old chapel in Wales”. McGee is in the process of “having meetings with lawyers”, and wants to build a roster of both new and established acts – naming Gun Club Cemetery, Pete McLeod and Chris Pattermore as names that he’d like to work with.

“At first, we thought of calling it Creation”, McGee explains, “but then you know, I was never that sold on the name Creation anyway. But what became apparent, when we started talking about starting a new label, the thing is you have to find a new way of doing it.

‘”The reason we didn’t call it Creation is because, this label is going to be so different with what we’re going to do. Creation was a moment and a time. Maybe the attitude is similar in certain ways, but this is a model that has to work today, and has to work for everybody. Creation worked for everybody and this has to work for everybody, but you can’t use that 1990’s business model for 2013. It sounds a bit crazy, but what we’ve got to do is re-invent the wheel.”

McGee’s Creation label closed in 2000, with Primal Scream’s XTRMNTR its final release.



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