50 Cent appears on QVC shopping channel to sell SMS Audio headphones, flirts outrageously with presenters

It seems that everywhere you turn these days people are proudly sporting Beats By Dre headphones.

But it looks like Dre might have a competitor in the rapper-endorsed audio paraphernalia game: 50 Cent visited the studios of home shopping channel QVC this weekend to hawk his range of SMS audio headphones [via Gawker].

As a strategy it risks coming across as a little desperate, but you can’t argue with the numbers: the rapper sold some $200,000 worth of the headphones over the course of his visit, and took to his Twitter afterwards to report that the stunt had earned him a cool $177,000.

You can watch part of the marvelously surreal event – complete with our man Curtis sniffing perfume and flirting outrageously with the channel’s middle-aged presenters – below.



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