Dub scientist Mo Kolours closes EP trilogy with <em>Tusk Dance</em>

Percussionist, rapper and producer Joseph ‘Mo Kolours’ Deenmamode is one of One Handed Music’s brightest talents. 

Deenmamode’s of Anglo-Mauritian extraction, and his music is similarly worldly, grabbing from dub, Mascarene Sega music, Afrobeat and lo-fi bedroom pop. In the last 18 months, he’s set out his stall with a trilogy of releases. Last year’s sunkissed Drum Talking set the tone, and he followed up in spring with the delightfully mildewy Banana Wine. A single, ‘Brave’/’Dredd Music’, dropped back in October, and was a lovely, dusky approximation of Madlib-style hip-hop.

One Handed Music have now announced the final part in the triptych. Tusk Dance will offer seven more tracks of echo chamber pop and bantamweight dub sketches. The collection promises to be his “most introspective collection so far”. The 12″ also comes bundled with a remix from SA-RA Creative Partners alumnus Shafiq Husayn, plus a supplementary instrumental.

Tusk Dance is due on February 24. A cryptic (and, dare we say it, unwittingly priapic) trailer video is available below.



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