The Genius sits down with, well, a genius.

In the above clip, the Wu-Tang’s GZA sits down with world-renowned astrophysicist (and increasingly prominent) Neil deGrasse Tyson on his Nerdist-sponsored StarTalk chat show. Their conversation touches on hip-hop lyricism, the origins of the Wu, and science as rap inspiration. The 34-minute episode jumps between the GZA’s interview and a chat with co-host Chuck Nice and Columbia University professor Chistopher Emdin.

GZA and Emdin made headlines last month with news that the pair would launch a rap/physics educational pilot program across New York. As reported, Emdin and his graduate students will use rhymes and cyphers to teach rudimentary science. Students will write rhymes rather than take tests.

The best lines will be judged by GZA and will subsequently be placed on Rap Genius. In addition, GZA is working on a physics-inspired rap album, titled Dark Matter. [via OkayPlayer]



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