A Tupac mash-up next to Ennio Morricone? Rick Ross sharing a bill with Pat Metheny? That’s right: Quentin Tarantino’s been at it again.

Tarantino’s forthcoming plantation adventure Django Unchained has won a host of gleaming reviews, and promises to be an entertaining action-western-blaxploitation hybrid. The soundtrack is a similarly mad capriccio, borrowing from hustler rap, classic 20th century film music and contemporary R&B.

The OST is now available to stream in its entirety. Rick Ross contributes the robust ‘100 Black Coffins’, and James Brown and Tupac collaborate from beyond the grave on ‘Unchained’. Ennio Morricone features heavily, and John Legend, Brother Dege and Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton also appear.

Django Unchained will open in cinemas on January 19. The OST is available to buy now. [via The Stool Pigeon]



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