Romanian house producer Petre Inspirescu is set to contribute the latest instalment in Fabric’s ongoing mix CD series. The news was first announced in December, but now Fabric have revealed full details of the CD. 

Inspirescu first caused ears to prick up with 2007′s Tips LP for Cadenza, an unapologetically kooky deep house record that sounded a little like Ricardo Villalobos collaborating with Justus Köhncke. He followed up with Intr-o Seara Organica in 2009 and dropped the brittle Gradina Onirica LP earlier this year, the second of which saw him drawing inspiration from classical and chamber music. He’s also given time over to co-running the RPR label with Raresh and Rhadoo, and has established his own Yojik ConCon imprint to release his more experimental material.

Like past entries by Villalobos and Omar-S, fabric 68 is comprised solely of Inspirescu’s own music. It will be released on Febuary 18, with a launch party at the club on March 2.

01 Petre Inspirescu – Lumiere [Yojik ConCon]
02 Petre Inspirescu – Chestii Socoteli [Yojik ConCon]
03 Petre Inspirescu – In Miriste [Yojik ConCon]
04 Petre Inspirescu – La Cuba [Yojik ConCon]
05 Petre Inspirescu – Anima [Yojik ConCon]
06 Petre Inspirescu – Chosen [Yojik ConCon]
07 Petre Inspirescu – Seara-n Crang [Yojik ConCon]
08 Petre Inspirescu – FH Dub [Yojik ConCon]
09 Petre Inspirescu – Flurimba [Yojik ConCon]
10 Petre Inspirescu – Basso Ostinato [Yojik ConCon]
11 Petre Inspirescu – Vastu’ Da Gama [Yojik ConCon]
12 Petre Inspirescu – Dansul Libelulei [Yojik ConCon]
13 Petre Inspirescu – Je T’aime Lori [Yojik ConCon]
14 Petre Inspirescu – Murgul [Yojik ConCon]
15 Bodiu Radu Dumitru – Piano Preludes [Yojik ConCon]



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