Akron/Family will release a new album, Sub Verses, on April 29.

Former backing band for Swans leader Michael Gira’s Angels of Light, Sub Verses finds Akron/Family “returning to their roots, revisiting the heavy physical impact [and] emotional confrontation” of their work with Gira.

The press release for Sub Verses comes packaged with an endorsement from Gira himself, who describes the group as “rocking (still rocking), but now in a skittering kaleidoscope. The shards of music styles and influences flung through the speakers from all directions, congealing for a second, then just as quickly dissolving into something new and unexpected. They’re amphetamine-crazed jugglers of sound and texture, but there’s always those vocals, rooting the thing in a deep and satisfying place.”

“It seems to me lots of groups these days view the whole history of music as fair game for their palette, which might be understandable, since it’s all there at easy access now, but most of it seems like playing dress up to me, and certainly it exists in inverted commas. There are no inverted commas in the world of AK. They’re inside the music, grinding it, fighting it, chewing it, digesting it, then spewing it up to the sky in a multicolored spray of endless sound and love.”

Sub Verse‘s artwork [right] was designed by Stephen O’Malley, of doom unit SunnO))) and the Ideologic Organ record label. You can stream a track from it, ‘No-Room’, below.

1. No-Room
2. Way Up
3. Until the Morning
4. Sand Talk
5. Sometimes I
6. Holy Boredom
7. Sand Time
8. Whole World is Watching
9. When I was Young
10. Samurai



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