Underworld's Karl Hyde announces solo album <i>Edgeworld</i>: stream the first track inside

Underworld’s Karl Hyde has announced details of his first solo album.

Titled Edgeland, it’s due for release through Universal on April 22, and comes co-produced with Leo Abrahams, a past session guitarist for Brian Eno, touring member of Pulp and soundtracker for Peter Jackson, Steve McQueen and more. Abrahams and Hyde had previously met when both were participants in Eno’s Pure Scenius series of concerts.

“For over twenty years, my love of cityscapes has grown and grown”, Hyde states in Edgeland‘s press release. “The beauty of decay, tyre marks, crude graffiti, industrial noise, overheard conversations, epidemics of coffee bars and nights on the back seat being driven through cities by drivers who never sleep. A celebration of people’s idiosyncrasies, mapping out my journeys with the stories they tell, edgelands where city meets scrub, where ragged ponies grazed annexed fields and the air smells chemical.”

You can stream ‘Cut Clouds’, the first audio from Edgeland, below. More in line with Underworld’s soundtracking side than, you know, ‘Rez’ or ‘Born Slippy’, it’s a short greyscale piece based around heartbroken piano.

1. The Night Slips us Smiling Underneath it’s Dress
2. Your Perfume Was The Best Thing
3. Angel Café
4. Cut Clouds
5. The Boy with the Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers
6. Slummin’ It For The Weekend
7. Shoulda Been A Painter
8. Shadow Boy
9. Sleepless



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