Regular Blawan collaborators The Analogue Cops will release their debut album this year, titled Heavy Hands.

Lucretio and Marieu’s manifesto is a simple one: no computers. The Italian duo have been turning out hardware-heavy techno and house on their Restoration label since 2007. Their real breakthrough, though, has come in the last 18 months under the auspices of two high profile collaborative projects. As Third Side, they’ve turned out rich, romantic deep house with Panorama Bar regular Steffi, releasing the fine Unified Fields LP in 2012. More prominently, they’ve formed a strong bond with techno bezerker Blawan, collaborating on a pair of no-fuss techno EPs as Parassela.

The pair already have a 12″ – the charmingly titled Shit On Me – on the way, bolstered by remixes from Morphosis and Marco Shuttle, but a full album is also now in the works. The vinyl-only Heavy Hands will arrive on Restoration at some point in March, and will offer eight new tracks from the duo.

They’ve brought some familiar friends along for the ride: Blawan is credited on ‘Light Reduction’, and Steffi contributes to ‘Seconddicocrime’ (and gets a shout-out on the first track too). German producer Stanley Anscrom, aka Eat, also appears. Tracklisting is below, via Resident Advisor.

A1. Steffi’s Disco Crime
A2. Seconddicocrime feat. Steffi
B1. Blackmails
B2. Fraudulent Advisors
C1. Light Reduction feat. Blawan
C2. Vopo
D1. Grove Line Forcing
D2. Pearls Robbery feat. Stanley Anscrom



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