Ekoplekz returns to Editions Mego under Ensemble Sklectrik alias

Tirelessly prolific, Edwards had a productive (and, presumably, sleepless) 2012.

The Bristol producer notched up a release on Punch Drunk, collaborated with Nochexxx and put out material on Further, Public Information and Mordant Music. He also made his long-overdue debut on Editions Mego with the Plekzationz disc, which collected assorted lo-fi esoterica recorded over the last three years. The relationship with Peter Rehberg’s label will continue with a second eMego disc, released as Ensemble Skalectrik.

Ensemble Skalectrik is a relatively recent Edwards alias, and sees the producer experimenting with improvisational practice. It’s one of Edwards’ strangest creative outlets: last year’s Snuff Mill Tapes ranks among the most arcane work Edwards has committed to tape, and a chaotic release for Feral Tapes saw him tip his hat to Italian noise figurehead Maurizio Bianchi.

New LP Trainwrekz shows Edwards embracing his inner Philip Jeck and experimenting with processed turntable music. Recorded in November over the course of three sessions, Trainwrekz sees the producer manipulating old vinyl –  “mainly sound effects and easy listening albums” – using filters, loop pedals and equalisers. eMego promise “a highly personalized form of turntablism that incorporates elements of Chance, Drone, Dub, Hauntology, Musique Concrete and Free Improvisation.”

Hardware-spotters might be interested to know that Edwards used the following kit when making the album:

Alesis Nano Compressor, BASF Chrome cassette (x2), Belcat Delay, Chance, Danelectro ‘Reel Echo’, Ekdahl ‘Moisturizer’, Electrix ‘EQ Killer’, Electro-Harmonix ’The Worm’, Muza FD900 ‘M Ambience’, Nick Edwards, Rocktek 6 Band EQ, Stanton STR8-30 direct drive turntable (x2), Yamaha MT3X cassette multitrack and a selection of vinyl LP records.

Trainwrekz is due on Editions Mego on April 29.

1.1. Wrekwahn
1.2. Wrektoo
1.3. Wrekfree
2.1. Wrekfore
2.2. Wreksank
2.3. Wreksikz (for Louis Johnstone)



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