Cannibal Ox launch Kickstarter to fund long-awaited sophomore album

The Harlem duo are calling on fans to help finish their second album.

The ex-Def Jux duo of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega have started a label, Iron Galaxy Clik Records, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish the long-awaited follow-up to 2001’s The Cold Vein. Vast Aire (who will serve as CEO of IGC Records) relates the following:

As we all know the creation of an album as well as touring doesn’t always go as planned. Fortunately I have been in this industry consistently for over 10 years and with my experience in dealing with production, touring, and recording I have learned how to avoid most potential setbacks. I have recently been accomplishing this on my own with no help from any management. My fans are extremely important to me as well as the completion of this project and will be in constant communication with my supporters/backers throughout this process should any challenges arise. I am confident if there should be any they will be seen through and fulfilled.

The Kickstarter promises that funding will support more US and international touring, a Spring single entitled ‘Gotham (Ox City)’, and the completion of the album, along with videos and label operations. The promotional video for the $30,000 project is below. [via Pitchfork]



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