The-Dream delays <em>IV Play</em> yet again, shares cover art versions

What’s a few more weeks for an album originally scheduled for release in June 2011?

The album formerly known as The Love, IV, Love IV: Diary of a Madman, and Love IV MMXII has been pushed back three weeks, from its most recent release date to May 28.

Based on The-Dream’s impeccable record, the delays have only increased our anticipation for IV Play, even if that title has made writing about the album a double entendre-filled affair. We’re not the only ones frustrated with the delays: The-Dream has been tweeting his displeasure with the process:

“May be Last commercial release….. I’d rather release 3 albums a year to musically move the needle than to wait years for a “Proper Release”… So after IV PLAY in May expect more music. I don’t care about the numbers I just rather Kill music from a somber place. Love Forever.”

“The worlds not moving fast enough and I’m deff not doing something I’ve done or started in 07 because its still relevant in others music… Its Mental Terror to hold off on certain Music just to sit in a line u helped create. So let’s go to the future guys good day.”

So if IV Play ever comes out, we expect more music to follow — we’re just not holding our collective breath. Listen to lead single ‘Slow It Down’ and check out the album’s dueling cover versions below. [via HipHopDX]



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