Kompakt to release album of classical reworkings of Michael Mayer, Gui Boratto, and more

As part of their 20th anniversary celebration, the Cologne institution takes some label favorites from the club to… the chamber?

Resident Advisor reports that Kompakt has recruited Cologne-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Gregor Schwellenbach to re-imagine songs from the label’s vaults as chamber music.

Gregor Schwellenbach Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt (Gregor Schwellenbach Plays 20 Years of Kompakt, approximately) features 20 Kompakt highlights re-arranged by Schwellenbach. The composer is joined by classical music veterans Dorothee Oberlinger (flute), Christian Buck (guitar) and Jane Berthe (harp). The label says Schwellenbach aimed to give each song “a new voice” while maintaining “the core of the experience — the melody, the hook, the feeling” of the original tracks.

As can be expected, Schwellenbach tackles songs by Michael Mayer, Voigt & Voigt, and Gui Boratto, among other Kompakt mainstays. The full tracklist is below; Gregor Schwellenbach Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt is due out on May 27.

01. Jürgen Paape’s Triumph
02. Justus Köhncke’s Was Ist Musik (feat. Infansonido)
03. Closer Musik’s Maria
04. Gui Boratto’s No Turning Back
05. Ulf Lohmann’s Because (feat. D. Oberlinger)
06. Kaito’s Everlasting
07. Voigt & Voigt’s Vision 3
08. Closer Musik’s Departures
09. Closer Musik’s One, Two, Three (No Gravity)
10. Voigt & Voigt’s Gong Audio (feat. Kyai Sangu)
11. Triola’s AG Penthouse (feat. Jane Berthe)
12. Mayer/Voigt’s Unter Null
13. Supermayer’s Two Of Us (feat. Kiss Quartet)
14. Jürgen Paape’s Ofterschwang (feat. Das Blasorchester der Musikschule Frechen)
15. Jonas Bering’s Melanie (feat. Jane Berthe)
16. Saschienne’s La Somme
17. Michael Mayer’s Speaker (feat. D. Oberlinger)
18. Oxia’s Domino (feat. Infansonido)
19. Studio 1’s Grün 4
20. Superpitcher’s Tomorrow (feat. Christian Buck)



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