Brilliant Detroit up-and-comer MGUN announces <em>If You're Reading This</em> EP

MGUN, one of 2013’s most exciting breakthrough producers, has announced a second six-track EP for 2013.

Manuel ‘MGUN’ Gonzalez hasn’t exactly sprung out of nowhere – he collaborated with Wild Oats boss Kyle Hall as NSNT PRJCT back in 2010, released the fine The Upstairs Apt EP on Semtek’s great Don’t Be Afraid label, and returned to Wild Oats for the Harmnear 12″. His real critical payday, though, came with this year’s genuinely exceptional The Near Future EP for The Trilogy Tapes – a motley collection of bruised trance, brooding L.I.E.S-ready techno and looped psych in the vein of early Gaslamp Killer.

As Juno Plus noted before the long weekend, Gonzalez is about to make a return trip to Don’t Be Afraid, already responsible for EP length releases from Mr Beatnick and Alis in 2013. If You’re Reading This will feature six new MGUN tracks and, as per, The Near Future, it’s a varied set, ranging from experiments in distortion through to more strait-laced techno.

If You’re Reading This is due on May 20. The Near Future is available to stream below.

A1. Hand Over Fifth
A2. Proxy
A3. Funnel Vision
B1. Jijijijij$ijijijiji
B2. Tritan
B3. Bean Chirp



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