When fans attack: the best and worst reactions to yesterday's Boards of Canada hoax

Yesterday, as is tradition, we posted an April Fool’s news story regarding a new Boards of Canada album.

Again, in keeping with FACT tradition, the news of Quetzalcoatl‘s release was pretty clearly a joke to those who read beyond the first few lines – and in the past, these things have been good-natured amongst all involved. Yesterday’s prank, however, drew some unparalleled bile from offended BoC fans in the comments section, and it’s the overreactions that we’ll remember long after we’ve forgotten, say, the made-up track titles. Sure, it’s immature, but just for one day we’d like to document them – here are the best and worst reactions to Quetzalcoatl, complete with an artists’s impression of the authors involved.

P.S. We’ll be running a big feature on BoC’s classic Music Has the Right to Children in the coming months. If, like Wibble Wobble and Correl Clay below, you genuinely took offense, then consider that an apology. Of sorts. Now, deep breaths:

Wibble Wobble •

No seriously fuck you. I wouldn’t have heard about your publication if it wasn’t for this april fools cuntflap which you call a fuckmothering joke.

Come closer you festering pustule of humanity.


Don’t fuck with me and my music. Fuck off back to dog’s arsehole licking. irrelevance

Track de Jour •

Can we start a petition to shut this site down? It lost its right to exist. This has killed so many fans today that capital punishment must be carried out

Correl Clay • 

You think this is a motherflippin’ game?!

SynesthesiaeFilms • 

FACT? mag? thinking of changing your name?.. seriously though your credibility just took a serious blow, if ya care about being a reputable news source that is and not just some college music blog… maybe ya might wanna try not doing something like this

Fuck yall • 

You don’t fuck with BOC fans. WE WILL ENTER THE 5th dimension and ruin your mind brain. Beware when the Elves roll up in their hyperdimensional bubblies blasting their BOC

Guest • 

Fuck does not even remotely express the amount of hate I have for this website. But FUUUUCK YOU GUYS and your mothers and grandmothers! I will forever badmouth this website and do everything I can to stop people from coming to this site. Anyone involved in the writing of this article should go kill themselves, you are obviously a waste of space on this planet. I hope you die.

Brilo92 •

Holy shit!! My brother is really sick and he loves these guys. (I do too!) This is gonna make his day when we go see him tomorrow.
[NB: Provided it’s a joke, this is definitely the best comment on the list.]

El Puma Dominguez Pennock • 

seems ironic that FACT magazine didn’t check their FACTS before sharing this story.
[a.k.a. El Puma misses the El Point]



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